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Lucas-Nuelle presents first-class training and engineering research systems and laboratories that combine theoretical basic training and practical assignments in an innovative way.

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Lucas-Nülle stands for high-quality and didactically proven training systems for technical vocational training and science education. In addition to conveying a broad theoretical foundation, special emphasis is placed on project-oriented vocational training with mature didactics.

Intelligent learning and experimentation systems are used to impart the necessary action competence that is so important for the future profession. The close interlocking of theory and practice and the positive learning success through independent experimentation make learning with our products faster and more efficient than with other systems.

Lucas-Nülle combines German quality standards with international experience and supplies complete solutions for technical education from a single source.

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Computer-based training and experimentation system for vocational and further training and education
Multimedia combines cognitive and hands-on (haptic) training units into a comprehensive unified concept
Areas of basic and advanced electrical engineering, electronics and automotive technology
Enabling students to acquire skills in the handling of equipment
Wide range of multimedia courses available for study in school or in professional and advanced training


A smart factory is characterised by the communication between products and the machinery which makes them. The product retains information about its own manufacture in machine-readable form, on an RFID chip for example. With the help of this data, the passage of the product through the manufacturing system and the individual steps in its manufacture can be controlled.


In the future, new technology will better equip power grids for the demands of tomorrow. More flexible grid management should make the increasing proportion of renewable energy sources compatible with conventional infrastructures associated with power stations. The variety and number of these decentralised power plants require a revision in how we manage power grids – so-called intelligent networks or "smart grids"

News & Innovations

The future of agriculture is digital: modern AIs milk cows, drones map fields and sensors measure the nutrient content of soils and vital data of animals. As in so many other industries, the primary goal is to increase efficiency and optimise your own farm.

After plant breeding and genetic engineering, this "Third Green Revolution" is influencing the agricultural world through the combination of ICT solutions, the "Internet of Things" (IoT), sensors and actuators, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, robotics, etc. Smart Farming has the potential to support a more productive and sustainable agriculture through a more precise and resource-efficient approach.
The Industry 4.0 Training Factory
The "smart factory" is not only characterised by flexibility and resource efficiency. Above all, adaptable production, the networking of systems and the ability to pass on all information to the cloud (Cyber Physical System, CPS for short) are important. With the training solutions of Lucas-Nülle, you can convey the guidelines and technical possibilities of a Smart Factory. The modular system allows you to individually compile the topics from variant production to a complex production line. Further reading

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